Driving Indonesia’s Oil & Gas Global Competitiveness

Dear Industry Leaders and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Indonesian Petroleum Association, I have the greatest pleasure to
invite you to the 42 nd IPA Convention and Exhibition which will be held on 2-4 May 2018 at the Jakarta
Convention Center, Indonesia.

Over the past three years, low oil price combined with growing energy demand, has continued to pose
significant challenge to the industry. Despite of it all, we are certain that the oil and gas industry is here
to stay due to the sustained increasing global demand.

The industry has been facing challenging times, which forces us to be creative and innovative focusing
on efficiency and competitiveness.

This year’s theme of “Driving Indonesia Oil and Gas Global Competitiveness” reflects upon the
opportunity to impact Indonesia’s oil and gas global competitiveness by implementing innovation and
technology in the areas that matter, be it policy and regulations, operational or support processes.

IPA Convention this year brings you a selection of plenaries, domain technical and technology sessions
featuring prominent government officials, leaders of the industry, key stakeholders, and credible
analysts, drawing from repository of real global experiences.

The highly-anticipated plenary sessions will map-out the industry’s pertinent global competitiveness,
understanding the current situation, learning from other countries on proven methods to maintain or
improve their global competitiveness with specific technology and innovation practice, as well
innovative policy making.

A new feature of the 42 nd IPA Convention and Exhibition, Technology Sessions will examine the
ecosystem required that will enable the creation of significant impact from fit to purpose
implementation of technologies.

Vast exhibition area displays the latest oil and gas technologies and innovations, industry products and
services, key projects, providing updates and business opportunities for the industry to drive Indonesia
to become globally competitive.

The IPA Convex have been always been the anticipated industry event with an exceptional opportunity
to re-acquaint with friends and business colleagues, and to expand your professional network in the
busiest capital city in the region.

Hope to see you in Jakarta!

Novie Hernawati